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Our special event instructors each have dedication - expertise - & passion for the art and history of Jeet Kune Do and Sijo Bruce Lee




Snake Blocker

Meet Sifu Snake Blocker

-Husband to Melissa. Father to their four children: Sierra Ravin, Serenity Violet, Hunter Asher Talon, and Zander Colt Saber. 

-Training multiple disciplines (Jeet Kune Do & Affiliate Arts) since the late 1970s. 

-United States Navy Veteran (Kuwait/Iraq/Afghanistan Tours)

-United States Navy Retired (Active & Reserves: 20 years) 

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John Doty

Meet Sifu John Doty

Professor John Doty has studied Martial Arts for over 55 years starting with Ed Parker in 1964. He served in the United States Air Force as Security Police, during the Vietnam War era. His career in law enforcement, private investigation and personal protection afforded him the unique ability to discern what aspects of martial arts work in the field.

Currently holds the Rank of Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, Rank of Senior Instructor in Jun Fan Gung Fu through Larry Hartsell, and Senior Instructor in Progressive Fighting Systems, through Sifu Paul Vunak. He has also trained extensively with Dan Inosanto, Burton Richardson and Erik Paulson


Andrew Kimura

Meet Sifu Andrew Kimura

For over a quarter of a century Taky Kimura was given the privilege and responsibility of making instructors in Bruce Lee’s™ art. And in that quarter of a century, Taky Kimura has found only one student whom he deemed worthy of making a senior full instructor and awarding this student rank 6 in Jun Fan Gung Fu and that student is Andy Kimura.

Currently he is an advisor for the Bruce Lee Foundation™.

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